Volvo C40. The Slowest Launch Ever Towards ‘Instant Gratification’

A little while back Volvo asked the SKEWED creative network to help connect their new C40 electric city car with a new generation of consumers. Together with the Volvo Brand team we created the ‘slowest launch ever’, an all new way of connecting an automotive brand with an audience. Our strategy was based on the premise that people really engage when you show rather than tell. The resulting assets call upon strong visuals and a powerful track by Kavinsky that really emote. We want you to FEEL a certain way about this new Volvo.

Published 05/03/2021


Understanding the Volvo consumer of the future was equally important to this campaign as understanding the Volvo customer of today. In recent years, there has been a huge change in the way audiences need to be spoken to. The modern mindset understands the vital talking points are not about the performance of the car but how the car lands with contemporary culture.

The C40 is a huge jump for Volvo, in specification terms but also in how it is sold. The C40 is only available for purchase online! This radical new way of selling required a campaign that generates attention over time rather than creating a big splash then quickly disappearing. This is why the strategy we created, intends to ramp up activity around the car as time goes on. In the near future we will be introducing exciting new brand collaborations to go alongside the car.

To engage with the future of Volvo we put Volvo into content streams that modern audiences engage with. This project has really put the breadth of our network to use! Bringing in architecture, image making, brand partnerships and strategy into one cohesive campaign.

New Work. Campaign for @volvocars C40 Recharge, fully electric ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Agency: @skewedproductions
Creatives: @pjadad @johanbylund @oskari @petterb @marcus_etc

Dir/Photographer studio campaign: @studiomarcushansen

VHS: @hjltn
Running footage: @jtornqviist
Editorial: @n_fernstrom
BTS: @wedenstrom

Copywriter: Christian Callert

Prod Co: @skewedproductions
Prod: @evatempelman
Line Prod: @linus_leander
Coordinator: Helene Fröling

Gaffer: @oxdjupet
Best Boy: @adahl666
Board Op: @marengstrand
Grip: @peacerich79
Grip asst: Mauritz Roos

Location: Valter Nilsson
Set Design: Gilles Balabaud
Set Design asst: Jesper Cederholm / Anders Meijgren

Edit: @emanuelasamere@hjltn
Post-Stills: @joakimriss
Grade: @nickecantarelli

Client: Volvo / @hellbergoliver / Helene Cato

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