IKEA at H22

The Afterlife of IKEA Kallered: Office of Possibilities and Circularity at Work

H22 is just ten months away. In the timescale of an event production as large as this, ten months is akin to the blink of an eye. To make sure everything is delivered on time our spatial division, Office of Possibilities, have been hard at work.

Published 06/07/2021


One of our first aims for H22 was to make sure that the event is as sustainable as possible. Circularity is one such way we are going about this. Around 200km away from Helsingborg is the township of Kållered. Home to one of the very first IKEA stores. In September of this year IKEA Kållered will close down. Rather than consigning the rich resources of the Kållered to the scrap heap, IKEA and SKEWED have begun investigating what we might reuse and repurpose for our event in Helsingborg next year.


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